Stockholm Korfballklubb i Edinburgh 2012


Just when winter finally arrived in Stockholm, some of our
(national) heroes decided to make a trip to Edinburgh. Well, not
just a trip, a trip to finally play some real korfball matches. For
some of us it has been months, for others a year, and for one even
the first time, since we have a played a match. Most of us took
the very convenient, and incredible luxury (amazing leg space,
very comfortable seats and a great shop – they sold pretty much
everything one can think on board, including cigarettes,
calendars and lottery tickets), direct flight from Skavsta straight
to the capital of medieval Scotland. On arrival, we were already
welcomed by two other heroes who arrived earlier and had
already indulged themselves in historical rituals, Sriram and
Karen. After checking in, we decided to go for some traditional
very typical Scottish Nepalese food. Luckily, we had Sriram and
Rashmi to guide us through the spicy and mild menu. After the
way too spicy or mild dinner (depending on taste), many of the
heroes went back to the hostel to prepare for the first day of the
tournament. Only three heroes made it to the social event,
wherein they drank some beers (or bacardi-colas) and met old
friends and enemies and some new people from a variety of
exotic locations. When returning at the hostel, we managed not
to wake up everyone as we did not undress whilst making a lot
of noise, neither did we turn on the light, and most important of
all, we did not make any great jokes! The rest of the night
remained very calm.

Stockholm team at Edinburgh


The next morning, after a breakfast and a shower, everyone was
tip-top fit to do (finally) where we came for! Five matches of 15
minutes to show our korfball proficiency today. After a speech of
the captain and Janneke, and a decent warming-up, we were
ready to meet the Manchester Warriors. Our heroes decided to
play with Sriram, Mike, Rashmi and Janneke in the attacking
field, and Robert, Lennert, Karen and Nataliya in the defending
field. And these tactics worked, as we tied with the last year’s
winners (3-3)! After a cooling-down (as recommended by
Janneke), and some more speeches, we met the next opponent,
The Original Ruff Shakers (Norwich), in the same composition. I
have to tell you that this match was hopelessly lost. We were
almost blown back to Stockholm by their high-speed attacking
and aggressive defence (1-6). A thunder speech by the captain,
some changes in the composition, improving SKK players (!),
implementing some outside players and a bit less skilled
opponents resulted however in three successive wins in the next
matches. UEA, St Andrews Uni and Edinburgh Uni 3 had no
chance against our heroes. We beat them all with about 5-2 (if
your reporter remembers correctly). These results brought us at
the 2nd place in our group and the quarterfinal!!
After a shower and some refreshments we planned to get some
food. Instantly, we decided to have dinner right by the sports
center in a pub. After the pub food and a final evaluation of the
day by all the heroes, we were ready to party! The Swedish flag
went along and our heroes had a great time participating in a
traditional Scottish folkdance. According to insiders, we sweated
more than during the matches at daytime! Around midnight the
music style was changed, and one by one our heroes went back
to the hostel. Some of us, however, loved the dancing so much
that they continued doing so with a few handsome blond girls …

Stockholm team at Edinburgh


The next morning, some of us were still tip-top fit, but the other
eight players experienced difficulties of a variety of sorts (most
cited were lack of sleep and muscle pain) After saying goodbye
to Sriram, who went off to an even more exotic place, the quarter
final was waiting for us. Scared of being blown back to
Stockholm for the second time, we decided to play an interesting
tactic against Los Luchadores. And it worked! The first eight
minutes they were completely lost in their attacks, and we were
able to blow them halfway back to Mexico! Unfortunately, we
forgot to score more (1-0). After a while, they managed to find
some holes in our wonderful defense which is why we lost the
game unfortunately with 3-4. Despite this loss, we played one of
our best matches (especially in the defense), and it is remarkable
that we were able to interrupt the attacking field of, so appeared
later that day, the winner of the tournament! After saying
goodbye to more of our heroes, we nationalized almost half of
the other players in the tournament. But with result! The first
match we defeated Edinburgh 2 while using players from
Edinburgh 3 (!) with 3-0. Finally, we also beat Edinburgh 1 with
their biggest rivals playing with us (Glasgow!) (4-2). These
results brought us at the fifth place (of the in total 24 teams). A
very good performance! All players showed great progress over
the course of the two days, which resulted in this amazing result!
For the second year in a row, we also received the Team Spirit
Award! So, congratulations to everyone for this accomplishment!

Stockholm team at the Edinburgh 2012 tournament
Stockholm team at the Edinburgh 2012 tournament


… Janneke spent more time lying on the massage table
than actually playing korfball

… Sriram joined the Professional Pooling Organization
as he financed his trip to USA by playing only one night
of pool

… Robert asked Sriram about the details of joining the
pooling organization, as he degraded all the players and
some locals with ingenious tactics at the Post
Tournament Social Event

… Karen convinced so many teams to come to
Stockholm that we might need a third and fourth hall to
play in.

… Rashmi played korfball as if she had been playing
for years already

… Mike has made international fame as the lookalike of
Björn Borg

… Janneke sometimes just walks against doors for fun

… Robert scored twice (long shot and running in)
within five minutes!

… Those were unfortunately the only Swedish goals at
the tournament