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New Balls

Tonight we have had the pleasure to welcome three new team members: Fresh match korfballs from Mikasa. Let´s scooooore a lot with them! We love the yellow and blue – they look like just perfectly made for Sweden! 🙂DSC_1637_crop_1200x1200

Season 15/16 – 200% Korfball!

And this time we have big, BIG, BIIIIIG SURPRISE for YOU:
We will have 200% Korfball from now on!
 – From the upcoming weekend (30.8.)  we will have training opportunities twice per week:
Sundays, 18:15 – 20:00 and
Tuesdays 20:45 – 22:00.
The usual place:
Konradsbergsgatan 2B, Kungsholmen, metro stop “Thorildsplan”.
Come and fill our trainings with life and fun! 🙂

Attila tournament 2015 in Eindhoven it is!


Fantastic korfball weekend in the Netherlands! 🙂
We have battled against Attila 1, Erasmus, Hippo´s Welpen 2, Southampton 2, Cambridge Uni, Sheffield 1 and the Leceister City Tornadoes. Yeah! Finished 31 out of 42. Good job everybody! 🙂 But even more: We have also enjoyed Beachkorfball with sunshine and a clinic with top international players André Kulpers, Jelmer Jonker and Jimin de Vries. And not to forget: THE final of the Dutch Korfball league, we have seen LIVE together with more than 9000 other spectators in Ahoy Rotterdam. Can you image that? And that has been just the beginning of the party. 😀

Thanks to
Lennert for the fantastic organisation,
Hessel for coaching,
Angela, Suzanne, Anna, Mete, Peeter, Robert, Qi, Andreas, Mubeen, Lennert, Hessel, Simon for playing and team spirit,
Judith (SKV Amsterdam), Beth (Outlawz), Marloes (Attila 1), Anne + team (Débaldérin), and Nicole + Birgit (Skunk) for being our fantastic temporary team members,
and of course the Attila organisers!

SKK rocked Edinburgh tournament 2015!


On January 24/25, we have rocked on the Edinburgh International Korfball Tournament 2015. We have finished on a solid 18th place. Hear, what a selection of players tells:

Had lots of fun and learned a lot with some great company! – Hannah

Nervous in the beginning, but very confident and happy in the end. That goes for both the Korfboll and Ceilidh! – Fredrik

I was very happy with the team performance, where everyone contributed with scoring chanses as well as a balanced defense. – David

I could really see that we grew as a team. Every game we worked better together. Thank you David for the training and coaching! – Angela

You know what – I can brag to my kids in the future that your papa scored 3 goals as a rookie in the tournament. – Qi


Happy New Year 2015!

Dear Korfball friends,

a Happy New Year 2015 to all of you!
May this year be just wonderful for you …

We would like to use this opportunity to thank all the ones who have supported Korfball in Stockholm in the last years, by coming regularly to the trainings, taking small and big responsibilities, within and outside of the board and in many other ways! Your contributions were, are and will be very important and appreciated. THANK YOU!

A very warm welcome goes to you for joining us for the first training session of the year, already on the upcoming
Sunday, 11/01/2015, same place and time (Konradsbergsgatan 2B, 18:30).

Autumn trainings 2014

The autumn trainings 2014 are on! 🙂

Welcome back to our sports hall at Campus Konradsberg, Konradsbergsgatan 2B in Kungsholmen (near T-bana: Thorildsplan, Green line).

Our weekly trainings are from 18:30 to 20:00 every Sunday.



Homepage corrupted – Now restored

Our homepage has been corrupted through wordpress exploit in the last days. We have tried to restore at least basic functionality.

Beginners’ class – a great success in spring 2013

Stockholm Korfball Klubb was holding its beginner' class in Spring 2013 on the sundays 21/4, 28/5 and 5/5. During this occasion, and the following weeks more than 50 people have enjoyed trying Korfball.

photo beginners' class 21/04/2013

It is awesome to see how much fun and joy everyone has had with playing Korfball!

A warm welcome to join us also for the future!

Your board of Stockholm Korfball Klubb

Registration for the Stockholm International Korfball Tournament 2013 is open!

Registration for the Stockholm International Korfball Tournament (June 15-16, 2013) is open.

Please visit the tournament page!

Winners for Stockholm shooting competition 2012 announced!

Six teams were competing for the honourable title: Stockholm shooting champion 2012. The teams were divided in 2 groups:

Group 1:
Lennert and Sarah
Gustav and Mete
Simon and Ann-Katrin

Group 2:
Robert and Henrik
Hessel and Nataly
David and Christoph

The first games were Lennert and Sarah vs Gustav and Mete (5-1) and Robert and Henrik vs Hessel and Nataly (7-6). Then Simon and Ann-Katrin played vs Lennert and Sarah (8-4) and David and Christoph played vs Robert and Henrik (3-3). The last group matches were Gustav and Mete vs Simon and Ann-Katrin (2-3) and Hessel and Nataly vs David and Christoph (3-5)

This resulted in the following standings after the group phase.

Group 1 standings:

Team W L D Points Goals made Goals against
Simon/Ann-Katrin 2 0 0 4 11 6
Lennert/Sarah 1 1 0 2 9 9
Gustav/Mete 0 2 0 0 3 8

Group 2 standings:

Team W L D Points Goals made Goals against
David/Christoph 1 0 1 3 8 6
Robert/Henrik 1 0 1 3 10 9
Hessel/Nataly 0 2 0 0 9 12

After the group phase the first semi-final took place between the numbers 1 of both groups.
David and Christoph won 3-5 and qualified themselves directly for the final. Then it was time for the quarterfinals where all other teams still had a chance to get to the final. Lennert and Sarah faced Hessel and Nataly and got beaten with 3-7. Gustav and Mete played vs Robert and Henrik and got beaten with 0-5. The loosing quarterfinalists faced each other and fought for the 5th and 6th place. Then the second semi-final took place and both winning quarterfinalists faced each other. Hessel and Nataly beat Robert and Henrik with 4-1 and placed themselves for the final. The fight for the 3rd and 4th place was fought by the loosing semi-finalists and after that it was time for the final! David and Christoph faced Hessel and Nataly in an extremely exciting final. The scores were kept close together and until the last seconds it wasn’t clear who would win the competition. It ended in 10-11!!!

The final results of the tournament were:

Place 6: Gustav and Mete

Place 5: Lennert and Sarah

Place 4: Simon and Ann-Katrin

Place 3: Robert and Henrik

Place 2: David and Christoph

And the Stockholm shooting champions 2012:

Hessel and Nataly - Winners of Stockholm Shooting Competition 2012


Thanks everybody for participating and a special thanks to our awesome referee Michael Hatch, and finally but not the least, thanks a lot to the tournament organiser Janneke!